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Warning prescribed burns are deadly.

The smoke could be killing you, your children, and your grandparents!

During the 1950's and 1960's everyone thought that the nuclear bomb tests in Nevada were a good idea until people begin dying from radiation poisoning. Today, we face a similar crisis. The U.S. Forest Service has convinced some people that prescribed burns and managed wildfires are safe methods of maintaining forest health when they are actually two of the deadliest acts known to mankind.  The smoke from those fires carry thousands of deadly toxic substances into our communities killing hundreds people daily. They are also redistributing the old nuclear bomb test radiation back into our environment causing added death and health concerns to millions of citizens. The prescribed burns and managed wildfires are the worst things that the United States government has done to the American people in decades.


The smoke emitted from prescribed burns and managed wildfires is a very toxic air pollutant that is extremely dangerous to unborn fetuses, infant children and elderly people. It even affects normal healthy people without warning. Wood smoke pollution is 12 times more carcinogenic than cigarette smoke, attacks the body cells up to 40 times longer, and kills at least 40,000 adults and children every year. It contains a toxic soup of more than 4,000 chemical compounds of harmful gases and particle matter that go deep in the lungs and kill people, 69 of which are known human carcinogens, including arsenic, particulate matter, ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, dioxin, nitrogen oxides, and radioactive material. The tiny particles and gases seep inside of homes reaching up to 70 percent of the outside pollution level. Warnings to stay inside on high pollution days are misleading and false. No one can escape the deadly effects of prescribed burns.


For the vulnerable populations, such as elderly people, people with asthma, chronic respiratory disease, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, prescribed burn smoke exposure is particularly harmful, even short exposures can prove fatal. The American Lung Association recently published an annotated bibliography of recent studies of the health effects of air pollution linking wood smoke and air pollution with lung cancer, breast cancer, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, congenital heart defects, asthma, and brain damage. They identify the elderly and infirm at high risk to any level of particulate matter.


Exposure to prescribed burn smoke increases children risk of lower respiratory infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and has been linked to psychological disorders and toxic damage to the nervous system and the brain in developing fetuses and young children. Unborn fetuses and infant children are 10 times more vulnerable to damage than adults. The tiny dagger shaped smoke particles go deep into the child's lungs causing structural damage and chemical changes to the lung tissue. While some of the particles lodge in the child's lungs causing bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia, others pass through the lungs into the blood stream entering the child's systemic circulation causing organ failure and premature death. Studies show that prescribed burn smoke exposure prevents the proper development of an unborn fetus, prevents the proper development of internal organs in infant children, depresses the immune system, damages the nervous system, brain, and the layer of cells in the child's lungs that protect and cleanse the airways causing unexpected infant mortality.  Parents click here and read this article. It could save your child's life.


Even normal healthy people are at risk without knowing it. EPA studies show that exposure to prescribed burn smoke can cause cancer, strokes, and a variety of serious illnesses in normal healthy people without warning. The smoke contains cancer-causing compounds that are twelve times more powerful than cigarette smoke. The carcinogenic compounds attach to tiny smoke particles and ride them into the lungs and blood stream where they penetrate immune defenses and attack internal organs causing, strokes, heart failure, kidney failure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and breast cancer in healthy people without warning. Symptoms may not appear for months or even years giving little or no warning until it is too late.


Nuclear Radiation Redistributed by Prescribed Burn Smoke

Prescribed burn smoke is toxic and kills people, but that's not all it does. Recently, experts have discovered that the prescribed burns and managed wildfires are reigniting old radiation fallout from past bomb tests spreading it into our communities. During the 1950's and 1960's, many states were the tragic recipients of massive amounts of radioactive waste from atomic bomb testing in Nevada. As a result, the long lived radioactive particles settled into the soils and vegetation of our forests. The undisturbed, unburned ponderosa pine sites provide a relatively stable reservoir of fallout radio nuclides that when burned becomes the primary contributor to the elevated concentrations in residual ash. In short, the atomic bomb fallout from the past nuclear testing in Nevada settled into the forests in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and many other states where it lay dormant for years until disturbed by prescribed burning (See exposure radiation map1 and radiation map2). When ignited and burned, the radioactive forest becomes a second nuclear reaction by releasing those long lived radioactive particles into the air and water through the fire's gasses and particulate matter. Since the radioactive fallout lives for 300 years or more before becoming safe to ingest, the redistribution of that radiation through prescribed burn smoke is a very serious threat to public health, but the news media, air quality agencies, and forest supervisors continue to ignore the health hazards of prescribed burning and continue to allow burning without any proper testing to determine the amount of radioactive particulate matter re-distributed into our environment by prescribed burn smoke.



Congressional & Media Cowards Hide From  Prescribed Burn Issues  

The EPA studies clearly show that smoke and gasses emitted from prescribed burns are serious health hazards to public health and safety, but the news media, environmental organizations, congressmen, senators and state agencies operating under the color of law to protect citizens from such hazards do nothing to protect people from those hazards. When notified of any specific prescribed burn smoke causing hospitalization and/or death, they run and hide ignoring the citizens' pleas for help, but freely give their support to the U.S. Forest Service' campaign of death against the public. We have received numerous testimonials from injured people who have contacted the above agencies just to be ignored, avoided, discouraged, and discarded. Those so-called protection agencies and alleged heroes of the press are nothing more than congressional-media cowards who are ignoring the real pollution issues that are endangering public health and safety. They are also ignoring citizen  reports of corruption at state agencies where federal agencies are using state resources to avoid EPA restrictions to control the state's air quality for the benefit of their burning agendas, not public health.



Arizona and Other States Receiving Federal Monies to Regulate Federal Prescribed Burn Permits

In Arizona, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has delegated air pollution enforcement and authority to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) leaving the ADEQ responsible for controlling air quality in Arizona to protect public health, but the ADEQ is lacking in its duty to do so. The Governor of Arizona and the Director of ADEQ has sold use of the ADEQ Smoke Management/Fire Dispatch office to the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies to use as they wish. As a result of the agreement, the U.S. Forest Service is using the ADEQ Smoke Management Office to "self-regulate emissions production from prescribed burns." In short, the U.S. Forest Service pays ADEQ federal monies to use the ADEQ facility to house their federal employees with the authority to issue their own burn permits without restriction, to avoid any air pollution law or regulation that would otherwise limit their burns, and  quash any valid citizen health complaints caused by the burns that would limit burns. The ADEQ is obviously using federal monies to regulate federal burn permits for the benefit of federal agencies without any legal authority to do so, and that illegal practice is happening in many other states around the country.



High Pollution & No Burn Days Caused by Prescribed Burn Smoke - Not Fireplaces

During the Christmas/New Year holiday seasons, many state air quality agencies and local news media organizations often issued "no fireplace use " warnings to the public threatening citizens with heavy fines if caught using fireplaces or wood stoves. They allege that citizens are burning too much wood during the holidays causing excessive smoke pollution in the metropolitan areas. Although blamed for the bad air pollution, citizens do not cause the hazard. The excessive wood smoke pollution is a result of excessive federal agencies prescribed burning in higher elevations. Prior to and during the holidays, the U.S. Forest Service and other federal agencies burn forest timber and slash piles all over the country without restriction. That smoke drifts into the lower metropolitan areas causing the high wood smoke pollution that air quality agencies blame on the citizens. It is a known fact that federal agencies cause the smoke pollution, but the citizens get blamed without any substantial evidence to support the allegation.



The video below is an excellent educational documentary that accurately depicts the toxic effects of prescribed burn smoke on our environment and human health. It is a must see video for adults and children. We suggest that you watch it in its entirety. If you cannot watch it now, please  download it to watch later. 

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Click on the video image to watch it now.  

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Prescribed Burns - Money Makers Not Useful Tools

In the past, the U.S. Forest Service would burn a few hundred acres of forest land and debris each year causing little harm, but recently they have been burning thousands of acres daily while letting wildfires burn themselves out at the same time causing heavy smoke accumulations across the United States. The managed wildfires burn for weeks at a time filling the air with toxic smoke while prescribed burns add even more. The smoke lingers over populated areas for months at a time without dissipating ruining scenic views, decreasing property values, and killing people. Officials argue that fire is a necessary natural occurrence used to revitalize the forest in the past and should be continued today through prescribed burns and managed wildfires. Consequently, those alleged revitalization fires burned centuries ago in unpopulated areas having little or no effect on public health where the modern prescribed burns are done near populated areas where they endanger millions of people daily.


There is a better way. Unlike fires that kill trees, animals, and people, mechanical methods such as tree thinning and mulching machines remove only unwanted trees and brush grinding them into healthy mulch leaving the forest clean and healthy instead of burned and charred. Mechanical methods are cleaner, safer and properly maintain forest health while protecting the environment from air pollution, but officials argue that prescribed burns are easier, cheaper and increase their budget faster than other methods. In a recent interview, one Forest Service official stated that it is cheaper to burn than to use mechanical methods, admitting that budget money is their primary concern not human life. Another Forest Service official laughed when confronted about citizen health concerns and stated that they intend to continue burning as long as the weather permits "regardless of any health concerns." Two other forestry officials were seen laughing at an injured rabbit fleeing from one of their prescribed burns. It is obvious that Forestry officials care more about budget money and bad weather than public health and animal safety. They clearly show a reckless disregard for human life.


Prescribed Burns Must Be Stopped.

Experts agree that prescribed burns and managed wildfires will have little or no impacts on future wildfire control or forest health, but admit that they are public health hazards that emit enough smoke pollution to kill thousands of people annually. Consequently, the U.S. Forest Service has been burning thousands of acres daily while allowing hundreds of wildfires to burn themselves out causing massive air pollution across the United States. They are burning too much too often without proper regulation causing excessive smoke accumulations over populated areas injuring millions of people. Smoke related illnesses are being reported in record numbers. Medical facilities are reporting increases in respiratory illnesses, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and more people are using oxygen than ever before. People are suffering in record numbers but forestry officials just laugh and joke about our children's injuries and tell people to move if they don't like the smoke.


It is time to demand congressional action to stop the reckless pollution that is killing our children. Use the links below to contact your Senators and Congressmen. Demand a stop to all funding for prescribed burns and managed wildfires in the United States.

U.S. Senator's Contact Information

U.S. Congressmen's Contact Information


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